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Radial Stockpiler

McCloskey International has a proven reputation for designing quality, best-in-class equipment.
The McCloskey WS3250 is an extremely robust high capacity stockpiler and has a host of design features from McCloskey’s 30 years plus experience in manufacturing stockpiling conveyors.

McCloskey’s ‘axle setback’ design is one such innovative design features which increases the stockpiling capacity by setting the axle back and adding a counterweight, the stockpiler can create large stockpiles without burying its own wheels. The radial axle adds to stockpiling abilities by allowing the WS3250 to make sweeping stockpiles in an arc.

The WS3250 is durable, compact and very capable of handling high volumes in a variety of applications. The WS3250 is available in hydraulic drive, electric drive or can be supplied fitted with a diesel/hydraulic power pack.


Engine510 Hp (380 kW)
Feed Opening1050mm (42")
Closed Side Setting AdjustmentHydraulic
Feeder Opening Width910mm (36")
Hopper6.2m³ (8.1yd³)
Stockpile Height - Main Conveyor3.89m (12' 9")

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