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Hydrasrew 100

The MSC Hydrascrew 100 is an ideal low-cost alternative for washing sand, crusher dust or smaller sized aggregates.
The Hydrascrew 100 Fine Material Washer has three related functions: washing, dewatering, and classification.

Primary Function

Washing is the primary function and is accomplished by the continuous rotation of the conveyor shaft and the velocity of the overflowing waste water acting on the feed material. The rotating shaft causes the feed material to roll and tumble, which in turn provides particle on particle attrition. This action allows deleterious coatings to be removed from the sand product and discharged with the overflowing waste water.


DriveHydraulic (variable speed) or Electric (11kW)
Maximum CapacityUp to 100 TPH
Water Required160-1300 LPM
Transport & Working Length9.00m
Transport & Working Width2.90m
Transport & Working Height3.10m

Secondary Function

De-watering is the secondary function and is achieved by conveying the product up an inclined tub to allow the free water to drain from the material. This is accomplished with the use of a close-clearance curved plate on one side of the conveyor shaft and a drainage trough on the other side. Water is allowed to drain from the product as spiraled shaft augers material up the inclined curved plate. This process results in a drier final product that allows for more salable product and less water.

Third Function

Classification is the third function and is achieved by adjusting the volume of water over the adjustable-height weirs. For maximum material retention, the washer’s three adjustable weirs are set level to provide a low overflow velocity. For coarser mesh hydraulic splits, the adjustable-height weirs are offset to provide a higher overflow velocity.

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