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McCloskey International has a proven reputation for designing quality, best-in-class equipment.
The McCloskey R230 High Energy Durable Screener is one of the most robust, durable and powerful heavy-duty mobile screeners at work around the world today. Designed to provide uncompromising production levels to heavy duty scalping operations, the R230 screener is capable of operating as a stand-alone plant producing finished product, or as a primary scalping component to the very largest of portable crushing spreads. McCloskey International’s powerful High Energy Screener delivers higher outputs and a high-quality screened product with maximum efficiency. The R230 is unequalled in its productivity and versatility.


Engine225 HP (168kw) Diesel
Transport Height11' 5.8" (3.50m)
Transport Width9' 10" (3.00m)
Transport Length55' 8" (16.97m)
Stockpile Height13' 5" (4.10m)
Weight - Belt Feeder82,000 lbs (37,200 kg)
Weight - Apron Feeder87,083 lbs (39,500 kg)

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